Tibor Kökény with olimpic champions After graduating as a psychologist in Debrecen, Hungary, I’ve worked in several areas of psychology including as a university lecturer, a therapist for adults and children, and a public relations expert. Over the past 25 years I’ve practised and taught The System Yoga in Daily Life®, and trained prospective teachers. For details of the Yoga in Daily Life® System CLICK HERE.

I’m eager to share the knowledge, practical experience and methods that I’ve gained so far and that I have applied in my career and personal life by tailoring specific programs to suit individual needs. My passion is to help the ill and those with life skill problems. The methods mentioned above, however, can be applied in almost all fields of life in order to improve and enhance general well-being and athletic performance. Building on from the psychological base, I tend to incorporate alternative methods as well, such as breathing techniques, relaxation, yoga asanas, sport movements and craniosacral therapy.

Yoga for sportsmen/athletes

In recent years I’ve achieved excellent results with this holistic approach for improved sports performance as evidenced by the great success of Eva Risztov, Gabor Mate, both Olympic Champions, and the Women Handball Club of FTC as a Hungarian Champion.

The preparation of athletes can be enhanced by adjusting their nutrition in addition to the methods mentioned above. The noble ideal of fair play competition with the use of psychological and yoga techniques can provide the boost to win that prestigious sports medal including the elusive gold. With the tools of enhancement that I use, we can make an outstanding athlete unique. Even athletes who have reached their peak or proven their ability in the sports arena can improve their performance and benefit from the personalized programs I design and apply. Please look at the athletes references!