Yoga Asanas


The care of our bodies is both an art and a science. Civilization and welfare society provides less and less physical activity and the intellectual efforts grow in amount. Being mentally balanced and high intellectual performance, however, it is necessary the body’s health: flexibility, strength and endurance.

The center of the personality is the self-awareness. (Its localization of the brain is well known.) Self-awareness is based on the body image which is an early formation from infancy, but it can develop throughout the whole life. Body image is formed by attaching the movement and the sensor information when the baby sees as his hand appears before his eyes and in the meantime to detect the self moving of the body. These two pieces of information joining together will create the limits of the body.

Khatu Pranam

The body image acquires more and more details and refinement over the time. Initially we learn turning, sitting, walking. Later, we learn the fine movements of the hand to draw, write, sew. Then cycling and sports movements can help to further refine the body image. Usually at last learning to drive a car polishes our movements and body image. Unfortunately, the process stops at that point. Practicing yoga helps further this process by the body and it moves not just big muscles but we may discover often unknown landscapes of the body.

With the stretching stress is effectively eliminated in physical level. Joints will be able to increase the range of motion. All this is done while avoiding the spirit of competition in line with our pace with creative understanding.

What can we gain from the physical methods of yoga?

• Better digestion

• The normalization of blood pressure

• The reduction in neural tone – that is stress management

• Better concentration

• Better balance – which means both more complete body image and an improved focus of attention.