Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers

Today’s gladiators are athletes who bring out superhuman performances on trainings and competitions. To do this, the modern entertainment industry linked via well-managed media events. The preparation of athletes everywhere are carried out in teams – whether they are individual or team sports. The result of a high level operating team is expected at the forefront of the world. So far – so to speak – classic preparation methods teams utilize in addition the more and more holistic approaches that are also used as a support. Relaxation and proper nutrition are known almost everywhere. The sport psychologists are also more and more appreciated. The U.S. basket genius, Kobe Bryent said that in certain matches during the breaks in the locker room the coach simply turned off the light and they all sat and focused on the next quarter. Beyond words and logic … Of course the work invested was already behind them.

The dark side of sport comes from the pressure of the achievement. The best and their teams earn good money. Linked to making money is match-fixing and doping. Yet tons of untapped potential can be used that are allowed enhancers instead of these tricks. Most of athletes try to maximize and to optimize invested work with the efficient method and load. As an addition fitting to any methods that speed up the regeneration of athletes, focus the invested work and take advantage of the utilization of the awareness even more. Let’s see what’s going on.

Éva Risztov learned some simple breathing techniques on the additional yoga classes. In the swimming pool anaerobic capacity is measured time to time swimming underwater. 8 lengths are to swim (8×50 with small breaks in between) and the distance swam by one breath underwater is measured. Éva Risztov

For this not the explosiveness or speed is the requirement but the body’s oxygen storage capacity, the energy state of the tissues are the decisive factor. Éva before they started told her coach that “I will get the 50 on the sixth round.” The coach was incredulous. To do this you need to know that after each lengths of the pool the body is increasingly exploited since its reserves are reduced.

The first round became 38 meters. The second 40. The third has been 42 m. The fourth 45. Éva was hanging at the starting block in every break and made the relaxing the whole body practiced deep breathing that were oxygenating her tissues. (Which for an outsider is not very visible.) The fifth length was 46 meters, and 50 m was reached on the 6th! Éva finished the last two lengths as well. Her coach incredulously asked, “How could you do that?”

 Well the miracle of breathing, you might say. But rather it is the athlete’s creativity. What she learned in the complementary yoga classes applied creatively in practice.

Another example. Éva’s trainings were structured so that the load is gradually increased and reached its peak on Friday. Saturday’s training session was less strained and Sunday was a rest day for the recovery of the body. So again on Monday she began the week in full strength.

On Friday we had a yoga class. She was after her morning session – and the biggest loads of the week. After 75 minutes of fine stretching and relaxation we finished the session with a pleasant breathing exercise for oxygenate the athlete’s body. When we finished she made the following statement: “It makes me feel like on Monday mornings.” Music to my ears 🙂

Sport, team, relaxation

Meaningful attention from the helping team that is really necessary to meet the needs of the athlete that he does not have to fight for her rights, for his contract or for the appropriate schedule of competition. Enough for him “to die” in trainings. It is the duty of the team to establish appropriate internal and external conditions. It includes a sports physician, a physiotherapist, a psychologist, yoga instructor, and of course the club’s management and the coach. The more places they are inattentive and careless, the more potential leaks away. If the team plays well then a talented and hard-working athlete will be able to achieve great results. Parallel to the work regeneration is going to be the decisive factor among future champions. This includes the well-accepted massage. The sports psychologist and relaxation is becoming more accepted. And the not so well known ones such as yoga, breathing techniques, Craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, sleep and dream technique, concentration, nutrition. All of these are the sports-related “sector of arts”. And do not forget spirituality.


How to reload on Friday to feel like on Monday? You’ll need a yoga instructor, or respiratory therapist. A place where you can retreat for a good hour. The athlete and his intention to utilize it as well. Deep relaxation origins from yoga (called yoganidra) regenerates and rejuvenates the body and the psyche thoroughly. We are able to give motivation to the athlete. It takes off the stress and instead the athlete gains positive vision and refreshment.

Muscles and stretching

We can continue with physical stretching. Stretching works with the muscle fibers and tissues which carries elongation and contracting capacity as well. A runner told me the following story who started practicing yoga and due to his lack of time trained less as an athlete. “I practiced serious stretching regularly not only on Yoga in Daily Life classes but also at home. After a month break in running I went for jogging in the forest. It was a run with such a long steps that I never did! After a lot of stretching the muscles did what I wanted. As I ran in the woods I felt like a leopard who is strong and flexible and leaps so long as he wants. It was a fantastic experience! ”
Benefits of stretching and warm-up used in sports are very effective if they are done properly. However, many times they do it routinely, and a young athlete kid has not yet thinking strategically about what will be the best for her to achieve maximum performance. And of course, we all “made of human” and if we can we cheat a little bit and only partly carry out our practice.

Respiration, energy, power 

The athlete’s diet is the air apart from food intake. All active sport includes a prominent role of the respiration. And all passive sport utilizes the concentration which again starts with the breathing. The runner guy will suddenly begin to slow down ont he track and the in just a few seconds all opponents overtake him. What happened? After the contest he commented on the story: “I got acidity. My muscles as if they were made of lead”. Acidity is a problem that every athlete’s nightmare. It can occur on training sessions and competitions as well. The lactic acid accumulates in the tissues and the muscles are incapable of efficient, rapid movement and deliver the appropriate power. Regarding the process of cellular biochemistry the utilization of glucose is not moving in the perfect way, with the end products of carbon dioxide, water and the energy storing molecule called ATP. Instead, a fragment generated as ATP, a bit of carbon dioxide and water, and a great amount of lactic acid as a by-product. One single factor would have been necessary for the energy production that is oxygen. In it’s absence the engine smokes, and in it’s presence complete combustion occurs. In the same way our cells also create perfect metabolism with oxygen, and it’s absence the metabolism is imperfect and smoky.
Oxigen - red blood cellThe explosive form of an athlete characterized by muscles strong and stretched, tissues that are full of oxygen, and awareness that is focused on competition or training. I quote the story of a yoga friend who had a 30 cm thick, 3 m wide and 1.5 m high concrete wall to break down. He hired an air-hammered JCB to finish the wall. “I finished my morning yoga practice: meditation, asanas and bellows breath. Since the machine was called at 10.00 am. and I had two complete hours till that, I took a pickaxe and a hammer and by hand started to pull down the concrete wall. In the meantime, the JCB arrived and asked what can he broke down? I told him the wall stood here but there is nothing to do since I pulled down”… The relaxed tissues full of oxygen: will and power on the highest level. Of course all this connected to calmness and balance are the means of regeneration for athletes.
Gourmet of respiration can use the practice of “bellow breath sandwich” 🙂 Bhastrika bellows breath before strenuous physical activity prepares the body to the top fight in training. The bellows after helps to avoid acidification and accelerates regeneration. What do you need more?

Focus, attention

The scattered attention scatters energies as well, so decreasing performance. The well prepared athletes have a focused force of attention that makes performance explosive , precise and penetrating. Eg. entering into the loud swimming pool area can drop the focus of the swimmer who’s attention is on the audience and on the rival opponents. They scattere energies. The right focus goes on your own breath and body experience. This awareness will help the most to control the physical bodily processes which will bring back the investment many times during the race .Gabor Mathe one and a half months before the Deaflympics started a game on a competition terribly – 0:3, and two of which were his own serve. Change from this position is almost impossible and a masterwork. Mathe controlled his breath and managed to bring himself into the present, so the next game altough hardly but he absolved (1:3). In the following game he continued monitoring of his breathing between every rally, and he managed to win in a long game (2:3).  

Candle flame - tratakaGabor said he was not thinking of the result but watched his breath and focused ont he rally. The 3:3 came smoothly, and continued all the way up to 6:3! Finally, it was 6:3, 6:0 that is a 12-game-victory in a row , after the first three at a loss. The miracle of good focus, and again the creativity of the athlete: applying the technique that has been learned before.

The focus can be strengthened in several ways, but each one is about to be in the present, and we perceive ourselves. A great way to it is to monitor your breathing, which at once increases the oxygenation of the body. The others are proprioceptive exercises that improve balance which has an important impact on brain hemisphere synchronization. Than a special, highly effective yoga exercises is Trataka (candles flame concentration) and its variations.

The stubborn programs: meeting psychology and sport

An “eternal second” athlete can be very persistent and extremely hard-working, he will be always second. Even if he is the first during the 90 % of the race at the end he fells on a blade of grass and loses the race. What could cause such a stuck? These internal rhythms are coming from a “meta” level, into which we have no key to open up its secrets. You may work out more, eat even more healthy, relax even better, the program does not even smile on your efforts. The pattern is probably in the family, which is carried unconsciously by the athlete since he is also loyal to the family system, where he came from. Unconsciously he follows a program that makes “fixed second one,” or even “fixed loser,” or a “fixed injured.” In case a “fixed loser” scores a goal, he will soon notice that his happiness is unnecessary, because in the half-time there was a change on the field, and he scored into his own net…

Family system

The best solution is to use a method, that have the access to the deliberately running uncoscious programs. A good mean can be SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) or Hellinger’s Family Constellation. At the latter the picture of the problematic life situation also appears as a visual and verbal information. If all goes well, the unconscious repetition may be dissolved – delighting the athlete and the team. The solved obstacles will become only a bad memory and the performance can be maximized, and even the circumstances of their own accord are arranged optimally.

All of these techniques give us a sample of what you can utilize individually. Altough not every method immediately solves a difficulty, their use can be varied, customizable on the athlete and non-specific effects or the background pattern unlock the inhibitions and maximises performance.